My friends call me Kay, Rae, or some variation of the two! If you're reading this...welcome, Friend! Grab a box of tissues because I'm here to put you in your 'feels'. I'm a TCU Horned Frog Alum (Go Frogs). I'm obsessed with the Fall, essential oils, movies, deep conversations, and chocolate chip cookies (I am the OG Cookie Monster).

Hey! It's me, Kayla Rae DiCrasto.

I decided I wanted to go to TCU and become a Sports Broadcaster. Yep, that’s right, I’m a sports girl through and through. Which seems contradictory to being a creative but…here I am! While my career ended with me mainly in front of the camera, it started behind it. I was the creative director for TCU Athletics- in other words, I was at every sporting event filming everything. As I started to move towards broadcasting my director/producer role faded away and that’s when I realized how much I LOVED the creative side of filming and editing.

Fast forward to 2018…I decided to stop pursuing my dream of becoming an ESPN reporter and pursue a far better one, a far more rewarding one- K Rae Films. Within the week of making the decision to stop pursuing sports, this beautiful new career path was born! I may not be telling stories on a sideline, but I’m still telling stories. Stories of passion and adventure. Stories
 that I believe we can all connect with…Love stories. 

It started when...

Every time you look at a photo or watch a "home video" it takes you back to the sensory experience of that instance...That's why you're here!
So let's pave memory lane!