Love is in the air in Fort Worth, Texas


February 23, 2019

When John told me he was going to propose to Chloe I was over the moon and so emotional. I have known Chloe since she was a Freshman at TCU and I was a Sophomore. I was the Resident Assistant (aka ‘RA’ on her floor). The way we became friends is actually hilarious, but i’ll save that story for another time. Regardless, we became very close that year! I would come home from class and she would be sleeping on my futon. I loved it because I didn’t have a roommate. I have also never had a sister- and she quickly started to feel like one!

Fast forward to their proposal! John asked Chloe to marry him on February 23, 2019 and I had the opportunity to film it! I mic’d John up and we planned on surprising Chloe in downtown Fort Worth when she thought she was just out to dinner with friends. The plan was that after dinner they would walk to Sundance Square and “take a picture with downtown in the background”. That was John’s cue! He walked up behind her and popped the questions. We all cried tears of joy! Watch the video below to feel all the ‘feels’!

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