This bride and groom brought Italy to the USA


October 10, 2020

A Power Couple

Lauren + Jantzen are two of the most genuine, down to earth, intentional and kind people I have had the pleasure of knowing. I knew Jantzen before I met Lauren. Jantzen played baseball at TCU and I worked for TCU Athletics. He is the kind of person you meet once, but will remember your name and make it a point to acknowledge you if he sees you. Lauren is the exact same way! Jantzen hired me to capture his proposal to Lauren and when I finally met her I was thrilled! Jantzen found his match- a beautiful person inside and out.

Italy in Arlington

Lauren and I became fast friends! We met up for dinner and talked all about her upcoming wedding. She and Jantzen were supposed to get married in Italy. Due to travel restrictions, their plans would be cancelled or at best- postponed. But, that didn’t stop them! She told me they were going to move forward with the wedding at Jantzen’s parents’ house in Arlington, Texas. The house is in an unassuming culs-de-sac, but when you turn the corner and see their home you see a little slice of Italy! It was magical and the day felt ordained by God. Jantzen’s parents had purchased that home not more than 3 years before this wedding! It was meant to be. To add “awe” to the day, Jantzen’s dog Wrigley was the ring bearer and Lauren’s aisle was a ramp which led her over the pool to her husband.

Back Story…

Although the day was filled with immeasurable amounts of joy, there were very important people missing…Lauren’s father and two brothers passed away 5 years ago in an accident. Their photos lined the front row of chairs in celebration of their memory. K Rae Films had the opportunity to photograph and film this wedding! It would be a gross understatement to say I was honored to ask Lauren questions about her dad and brothers. It would also be an understatement to say I was merely touched by her testimony of their character. Her family members may have been absent in body, but not in spirit. They would have been so proud of her and the person she chose to marry.

La cena é servita! (Dinner is served!)

After one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve been privy to witness, we took the couple out for their portrait session! We posed them for a few photos and then they drove around on their moped- adding an Italian flare to their memories. They even learned, performed and crushed a special dance to ‘Mambo Italiano’. From there, they sat down to their intimate candlelit dinner with the 19 guests in attendance. Following dinner were speeches that brought me to tears! To cap off a perfect day- cake cutting, cappuccinos and cigars were distributed. If there is a wedding that will put you in your ‘feels’, it’s this one. Lauren + Jantzen have blessed my life in more ways than one! Grab a box of tissues and fall in love with their story.

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