TCU alumni get married at ‘The 4 Eleven’ in Fort Worth, TX.


June 1, 2019

Rah, Rah, TCU!

Shortly after I started my business I went to a TCU football game. My first football game since I worked in sports as the stadium host! It was an especially important game to me because my friend Phil Taylor just passed away and the school was honoring his memory at this game. To my surprise, one of the first friends I made at TCU was sitting right behind me- Bryan!

They’re Engaged!

Half Time came and we started chatting! Talking about how the other was doing and what was new! Bryan asked if I was still doing sports reporting and I told him, “no actually I recently started my own wedding videography business!” To my surprise he responded with, “no way! I recently got engaged! We’re looking for a videographer!”

More than a videographer

Bryan and his fiancé Jessica hired me as the videographer for their wedding and it was such an honor! I hadn’t met Jessica until their wedding day and was thrilled to now call her a friend. She was and is such a kind, genuine and chill bride. At one point it started pouring rain on their wedding day and people kept asking her if she was ok. To all of our surprise she said, “Yeah! I’m getting married today!” She was completely unphased by the weather and simply overjoyed that she was about to say “I Do” to Bryan.


She and I immediately hit it off! We respond to each other’s instagram stories and keep in touch on a semi-regular basis. Not only that, but on multiple occasions she has suggested that if me and my fiancé make a trip to Boston we have meet up for dinner or a baseball game! Being a wedding videographer and photographer is so much more than a camera and capturing pretty moments. It’s a relationship with the couple before, during and after their wedding that I cherish most! It’s learning who they are and then conveying that through still images or a short film.

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