A July wedding in Truckee, CA


July 13, 2019

From sports to weddings

Taylor + Cooper. Where do I even begin with this couple!? I used to work with Cooper when I worked for TCU Athletics. He is the equipment manager for the baseball team! He and I bonded over both the pains and joys that come with working in sports. But overall it was a job that was hard not to love! Really we bonded most when the baseball team traveled, in back to back years, to the College World Series in Omaha Nebraska. It’s rare to be a part of a team that makes it to the end goal! From there we found out that we grew up in the same area of California, but went to rival high schools. Small world!

Will you be my videographer?

Fast forward a couple of years to their engagement session. My friend asked me if I wanted to tag along another engagement session to capture video and who is the couple we are photographing- you guess it! Cooper and his fiancé Taylor! She and I immediately hit it off! Within the next couple of weeks were meeting up for coffee and sitting together at TCU baseball games. On one of our “coffee dates” she asked me to be the videographer on their wedding day! Again, YESSSS! I love traveling for weddings but it’s even more special when you’ve started to develop a friendship with the couple.

Tahoe here we come!

We get to Tahoe and Taylor makes me a part of her weekend from start to finish (insert tears here). But I’m not joking…Taylor gave me a room in the suite where she, and all her bridesmaids, were staying. They also invited me and my fiancé to their rehearsal dinner! The best part about spending so much time with the bride and groom on their wedding weekend is that their friends and family get comfortable with you. In turn, their guests are then extremely comfortable once I’m holding a camera on the big day! As a videographer you get the best content at weddings like this- people head-bob into the lens, power point and give me their overall best dance moves!

I highly recommend bringing your videographer or photographer into the fold on your wedding weekend. The by-product of this are the sweetest memories!

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