A last minute change of venue in Phoenix, Arizona


February 20, 2021

On February 20, 2021 my cousin was going to marry the man she had been praying for!

Ahh, Vacation

It was great…my cousin is not much older than me, so we have always bonded over the pangs of dating and dreamed about who we would end up marrying. Her day was finally here! My fiancé was still in Texas for work and I was in California for an engagement session. His plan was to fly out the day before the wedding and I (along with my parents) were going to drive and meet him there! I was especially excited for the trip because it was one of the first weekends I didn’t have to work! Little did I know…

Save the Wedding!

The night before the wedding we get a call letting us know that wedding is being “cancelled” due to Covid. We are thinking, “This is a nightmare! Poor Michelle and CJ!” We hang up the phone feeling defeated (for just a couple of minutes) and then realize “what are we saying!?” My mom and I immediately call my cousin back and say “we can make this work!” It was obviously modified but we all jumped into action. A friend of the bride opened her home to a few family members and friends. I quickly became a guest turned photographer/makeup artist (and I wouldn’t have had it any other way). From there we catered El Pollo Loco, picked up some desserts and set out some chairs by the pool where every guest had a front row seat to the bride and groom’s “I Dos”. Two ceremonies later and we were all on the dance floor!

I love my job

The wedding turned out to be absolutely magical! The bride and groom “wore” these changes with positivity and grace! As for me, I was so grateful I had my cameras with me that weekend! Having the opportunity to be one of the few people in attendance AND having the opportunity to capture these memories is an incredible privilege. Scroll below to see how much can be accomplished in 12 hours of planning by people on a mission!

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