Thousand Oaks, CA- Private backyard wedding


May 22, 2021

Jayne + Collin. I had the honor of taking their engagement photos in Malibu, California. We had a blast! It was also the most adventurous engagement session I’ve ever had. Let me explain…

The Adventurous Engagement Session

As most of you know, I live in Texas, but I’m originally from South Orange County, Ca! I take a lot of work in the Southern half of the state when I can. Not only is it a beautiful place, but taking sessions or weddings there is a wonderful excuse to go home and spend time with my family! All this being said, my parents decided to tag along my engagement shoot with Jayne + Collin on February 13th… We decided that we could grab dinner along the coast, afterward! Long story short, the shoot took longer than usual (because of all the walking) and my parents thought I had been kidnapped (or worse). They were frantically calling my phone, calling my name, talking with the park rangers etc. Jayne + Collin caught on and I (being 29 years old) was slightly mortified…Little did my parents know, Jayne + Collin are friends of my friends here in Texas! The two are not just people I “met online” as my parents would say (LOL). Luckily Jayne and Collin were really understanding and actually sympathized with my parents’ freak out and after all of that they still decided to book me for their intimate backyard wedding!

The Wedding

Come May 2021 I traveled to Thousand Oaks for their wedding! What an incredible day! The ceremony was under this beautiful gazebo that they adorned with white linens and florals. The backdrop to their “I Do’s” was a breathtaking view of the mountains. In attendance were a few of their closest family and friends- all there to witness and celebrate this new union. After the ceremony ended, all of the guests migrated to the front of the house where beautiful long tables were beautifully set and decorated for dinner. Family members gave touching speeches filled with tears and a LOT of laughter. The cherry on top of the evening was a cornhole tournament they had scheduled into their celebration- followed by dancing. It was a PARTY!

While their day was wonderful- the couple is even more special. They are kind, absolutely hilarious, adventurous and welcoming people. They made me feel as though we had been family friends for years! After the wedding was over, Jayne and Collin asked that I let them know when I made it home. Obviously…I forgot. To bring everything full circle from our engagement session, Jayne had texted me multiple times asking if I made it safely. Meanwhile, I was lost in the editing of their photos. She was so worried that she was getting ready to DM my fiancé and make sure I was OK.

Don’t forget to laugh

Moral of the story…Don’t go to a nature park and walk so far back that you have to make the hike back in the dark. Maybe tell your parents the couple you’re meeting up with are friends of friends. Never forget to text your clients the next day or they may fear your safety. But really the key is…Pick a photographer with a sense of humor and always remember to laugh about stories like this!

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